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Our Process


ourProcess_BuildingSPEAKING OF BUILDING.

Every project begins with a meeting at your home. We listen to your every parameter, every idea and of course, every concern might have. Most importantly, we work with your budget, not around it.

We walk you through the entire construction process and advice you on possible cost controlling solutions. We never pressure you to settle. Only once your are 100%, absolutely satisfied, do we start working on your project.



After your initial consultation, we go to work putting your project to paper. We work alongside your sales professional, project manager, field construction staff and architect to ensure every facet of your job is covered.

We handle all the specifics of your project. From measurements to zoning and building restrictions to blueprints and budgeting – we review all the details to guarantee that once the construction begins there are no surprises along the way.

RTI Builders does everything we can to make sure that your project is completed timely, smoothly and according to plan.

Material Selection

ourProcess_materialMADE FOR BEAUTY. MADE TO LAST.

We offer complete lines of materials that fit your designs, measurements and budget. Cabinets, windows, doors and more – RTI Builders carries everything your project needs.

After you choose exactly what you want, we go back to work altering our detailed construction plans to include your selections. We calculate the final cost of your project and get ready to work.

As always, we are available to assist you during every point of your construction process.


ourProcess_constructionLET THE BUILDING BEGIN.

Before beginning your project, we acquire all the proper required permits. Our team of professionals work efficiently without compromising your projects quality and integrity. We arrive on-time and clean-up at the end of every day.

In addition, we set up daily meeting with you to review all progress. This allows for you to see how the project is going and ask any questions you might have.

Project completion

ourProcess_completeNO JOB IS DONE, UNTIL YOU SAY IT IS.

No project is complete until you are 100% satisfied. Once this is achieved, we conducted a full inspection including our formulated Quality Assurance Report. The Quality Assurance Report is your way to review our work, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every job is covered by our industry revolutionizing 10-year warranty. We take pride in our work and stand behind it.